livewiseshop LiveWise is established by two full-time mothers. Having spent years taking care of our families, we understand that being a happy mum and keeping a joyful family is just as challenging, if not more, as any professional job.  Under the pressure of repetitive housework, we could sometimes lose ourselves in the tedious daily routine.  We could forget to live happily.  Being happy is a choice.  It is a choice underpinned by wisdom of life and continuous effort. 

We understand how daily commodities have profound influence on our emotional and mental health.  A full time mum makes dozens of choices on household supplies every day.  From time to time, we reflect on our principles about choosing the ‘best’ for our family.  For a long period of time, price and functionality are the top selection criteria.  Yet, when we focus on buying the best price goods that fulfil the job, we frequently omit our emotional needs in daily commodities.  When we start look at the design of a product, we discover the beauty of life little by little.  We are so thankful that the internet era has made our job easier.  It is much easier to search for and compare the right goods at anytime and anywhere.

We want to pass on our passion for a cheerful and colorful lifestyle to our customers through carefully selected good quality products.  We choose product not only fulfils its function, but also has aesthetic sensibility.  With affordable designer products, we hope our customers can enjoy a trendy colorful lifestyle even with limited time and tight budget to buy.   We would also choose environmental friendly products that improve our bonding with the environment.  Last but not least, we make great effort to provide parent-kid’s set and couple’s set which would improve our bonding with the ones we care.

As a give back to our society, we would love to help other full-time mums who want to share their passion for life as well.  If you are a full time mum who have craft work or artwork you would like to sell on our platform, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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